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Jun. 1st, 2016

I officially cannot deal with the annoying set up of LJ anymore so I'm going to start posting my icons on my IJ mirror instead. I'm not deleting this place or changing it, but from now all everything will be over there


178 Sarah Kazemy

Ugh, she's so gorgeous. I wish she would get more international/big roles so I could icon her in more things. This post is about half from the movie Circumstance and half from her instgram.

Spend my life in the dark for the sake of you and meCollapse )

240 Tuba Büyüküstün

Turkish women are so gorgeous, how do they do this?

A lot of these come from screencaps that I nabbed from her listal gallery, but unfortunately I don't know who went through all the trouble to cap it in the first place.

Hold up, they don't love you like I love youCollapse )

102 Rachael Taylor

None from Jessica Jones sadly, as these have been sitting on my computer for ages. (But speaking of: oh Trish Walker, be still my heart. I'm going to marry her.)

When you shout to the Devil do you hear him back?Collapse )

94 Kelly Reilly

Something went super wrong with my numbering/uploading here, but it doesn't really matter so I'm too lazy to fix it.

every song from now on is about youCollapse )

220 Viviane Orth

Or Vivi Orth as she apparently goes by now?

the city with no rivers singsCollapse )

PB Directory

Welcome to burlesque_show, the journal that started out as a random place to dump bases but has now become sort of obscene in size. (As I write this the number of posts is over 650...)

Okay, so you see that writing above that says 'PB DIRECTORY'? Yeah, just up there. No, no, a little above that. Yeah, that one! It's a link and you'll never guess where it takes you! I know, I know, I'm just TOO mysterious around these parts.

Or, if you know exactly who you're looking for you could always try the tags directly, since they're listed just down there below me. (Click it, the thingy... no, you need to click it harder or it won't go anywhere. Much better!)

Boy, this is a handy box right here.
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