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Burlesque Show

Working life like a burlesque show...

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PB and roleplaying icons

Once upon a time- in either a galaxy far far away, or in a time long ago- there was an icon maker called
foxglove_icons. To her displeasure she discovered she had three million or more bases of people she would never truly icon. Woe was her. The world was dark and full of pain.

But then came another icon maker, a dame with the same difficulties called onceiconatime. And together, through their great powers, a special place came to be. They called it burlesque_show, for they were much with the enjoyment of both half-naked beauties and songs sung by pink haired violin mistresses.

And then, with this creation in hand, they began their work with their great and powerful graphics programs.


1. You want rules? Er, basically? Don't hotlink from here. We don't want a whole bunch of images turning into annoying BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED!!1! pictures. Because nobody likes those.

2. Editing these is fine. Everything posted is fair game for you to do anything with that you like.

3. Crediting isn't required - you can link back to here if you want though. It helps other people find icons.

3. We don't take requests because I know I will never bother iconing people I hate. But we will take suggestions more than happily. Leave a comment here.

4. A full list of those who have already been iconned can be found here

5. For any real icons made by us, check out Circe at foxglove_icons or Raen at onceiconatime

DISCLAIMER: I make no claim to own any of the images that I have made icons from. If there are images here that you hold the copyright to and don't like having used, please tell me and I will remove them ASAP. No infringement is intended.

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